Homebuyer Stories | Karla Mendiola

Karla Mendiola, a Mexican American woman living in Greenville, learned from her parents the importance of hard work. After watching her parents fight to give her and her siblings a chance at the American Dream, Karla wanted to build on that dream by taking the next steps towards home ownership.  

But the recent increase in house prices throughout Greenville made purchasing a home seem “unattainable” from Karla’s perspective. As a single member household, she struggled to save enough money to pay the down payment and closing costs of a home in Greenville.  

Things turned a corner after Karla learned about CommunityWorks through the Greenville County Redevelopment Authority. With help from CommunityWorks, Karla was able to receive the financial assistance she needed to pay for the down payment and closing costs to purchase her own home.  

To Karla, home ownership allows her to invest in herself and her future. By owning a home, she can build equity and credit rather than “throwing money away on rent.” With her new home and improved personal credit, Karla can take steps towards the future her parents dreamed she would have.  

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