CommunityWorks Lending Opportunities

In over 10 years of service to South Carolina, we’ve had an economic impact of over $232 million through lending to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

Equitable Lending You Can Trust

CommunityWorks supports small businesses, affordable housing, individuals, nonprofits, and developers through equitable lending. Individuals looking to start a business or buy a house, and organizations seeking to better the community work with us to gain the resources they need.

Building Financial Security

We believe that by working together through public and private partnerships, we can create pathways for underserved families to achieve long-term financial security, often filling gaps to serve in ways that traditional banks cannot.

Lending Available For:

Small Business

Providing equitable financing to small business owners to help build sustained success

Down Payment Assistance

Helping homebuyers with down payments and closing costs

Community Development Loans

Supporting low-income communities across South Carolina