Affordable Housing & Community Loans

Building a Better Community for All

CommunityWorks provides affordable housing and community loans up to $750,000 to support affordable housing development, community facilities, and commercial revitalization to strengthen low-wealth communities.

Due to the lack of affordable financing for community developers, there is a deficit of affordable housing options for low-wealth families. CommunityWorks provides community developers and nonprofits access to equitable financing that would otherwise be unavailable for low-wealth community-building projects.

Our Affordable Housing and Community Loan Options

Rental Assistance

Dialing 211 is your very best first step for access to resources throughout the country.
Rental assistance programs for Greenville County can be accessed by dialing 211 United Way for the Greenville Resource Line. They will refer you to appropriate agencies.

Affordable Housing Loan

Provides loans of up to $750,000 to qualifying applicants. The goal of the Affordable Housing Loan is to increase affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate-income families, including rental, homeownership, and mixed-income and mixed-use projects.

Can be used:
  • To pay due diligence expenses, deposits, and other early phase costs (up to $300,000)
  • To pay purchase price and closing costs for property acquisition (up to $750,000)
  • To bridge the timing between project or programs costs and receipt of cash from committed sources (up to $750,000)
  • To pay hard and soft construction costs for new or renovation projects (up to $750,000)
  • To provide longer-term loans for projects requiring stabilization or interim financing (up to $750,000)
  • To provide capital for the rehabilitation of existing rental units to meet HUD standards for Section 8 Vouchers (up to $50,000)
  • To provide capital to tax credit developments that need local community financing (up to $750,000)

For More Information or Assistance

Contact CommunityWorks Loan Officers by email or call (864) 235-6331.