Your Stable Financial Future Starts Here

CommunityWorks offers a free Financial Wellness Program, providing the tools and resources you need to take control of your finances as your work toward your goal of growing or starting a small business. Just as you should visit your doctor for a regular checkup, business owners should regularly evaluate their financial health.

Why a Financial Wellness Assessment and Financial Coaching Could be Right for You


  • Earn, save, and spend on purpose
  • With a long-term vision
  • In alignment with their values
  • In accordance with a plan


  • Access to experienced Financial Coach, Edris Tucker, to help you create a better relationship with money
  • The opportunity to review your credit report with your coach so that you understand the components of the report, how it reflects your patterns of payment history, and other key financial indicators of importance to improving its impact on your financial goals
  • The opportunity to review and build a realistic picture of where your money is currently going and to decide where you want it to go. The budget you will create is based on the consistent income you can count on, your fixed and variable expenses, your goals, and preferences
  • A spending plan workbook to help put you in control of your finances
  • A next steps action plan – what you can do now to make progress right away

With enrollment in ongoing financial coaching you receive additional support to make financial decisions in your own best interests and additional tools tailored to your needs.

Edris Tucker, Financial Coaching Program Manager

Thank you for taking the time to explain how we could become financially successful and decrease our debt. You helped us learn to live in a state of financial freedom. It was a blessing working with someone who showed so much love and kindness towards us. Our experience with you has been more than a financial advisor experience. It has been life-changing because once we left your office, we were able to look at things in our life totally differently.”

Financial Wellness Coaching Client

Within our client portal you can create an account, set up appointments, securely upload financial documents and statements, and access your after session documents and notes, and more!