Small Business Success | Little ME Childcare Center

Small Business Success | Little ME Childcare Center

What is now a bustling daycare with nearly ten employees began with one woman and a dream. Kesha Williams’ love for helping others and hopes of creating an income for her household while serving her community led her to start Little ME Childcare Center. Starting a business, however, was not a simple feat. When Kesha and her husband began looking for ways to finance a childcare center, they were left with depleted savings and maxed out credit cards.

Unsure of the next step, Kesha attended the Start:ME program at Northside Development Group. Through Start:ME, Kesha was introduced to Northside’s partner, CommunityWorks and learned about the variety of loans the organization offers entrepreneurs and small business owners. These loans include microbusiness loans, express loans, small business loans, and startup loans for eligible applicants.

After receiving a small business loan, Kesha was able to open Little ME Childcare Center on January 1, 2020. Despite many challenges in the past year, Kesha’s business has grown significantly since its opening. Kesha can serve the community around her through her business by extending her services to the housing projects in the area.  

Kesha emphasizes the impact this experience has had on her life, “Every day is different, every day is exciting, every day brings a new problem to solve and of course, my income is reflected in the success of the business — the harder I work, the smarter I work, the more rewarding entrepreneurship becomes. The experience of being an entrepreneur has changed me — from the way I think to the way I act and the way I want to live my life.”

Interested in how CommunityWorks can help your small business thrive? From small business loans to small business coaching, to free trainings, and financial wellness sessions, we work to be a one-stop shop for small business success. Get involved today!