Tesla Towing

When Jhon Ochoa moved from Colombia, South America, to the United States, he knew very little English and didn’t have what he believed were the necessary skills to work in his desired field. But from an early age, Jhon knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He started at age 14 selling candy at school. As he got older, he strived to be the type of employee for others that he would want to work for himself. Even though others discouraged him from working so hard, he wanted to be the best employee wherever he was employed.

After searching high and low for opportunities to get his business off the ground, Jhon’s fiancé told him about the Greenville Chamber. After helping him with his idea, the Chamber introduced him to CommunityWorks Carolina. CommunityWorks helped him fine tune his business plan, file the necessary paperwork and find the capital to get his venture off the ground. With this help and encouragement from his neighbor, Tesla Towing was born. Jhon hopes to grow his business to more than 15 trucks between the two businesses. He also plans to use these businesses to fund his next ventures.