How to Transform Your New Year’s Resolutions into Accomplishments

How to Transform Your New Year’s Resolutions into Accomplishments

How to Transform Your New Year’s Resolutions into Accomplishments

By Edris Tucker, AFC® Financial Coach for CommunityWorks

Let’s pretend it’s the end of December and you are reviewing your New Year’s Resolutions from January. Based on your previous experience, what’s the likelihood you 100% achieved your goals?

Not happy with your response?

Chances are it’s because New Year’s Resolutions are only wishes and fantasies, not intentions backed by commitment and action.

Every year you quit on yourself, you provide “evidence” to support your belief that you can’t really get what you want, anyway. Like playing the lottery, you expect to lose. You just aren’t that lucky.

The pattern of hoping and wishing for your resolutions to “come true” actually undermines your capacity to achieve your goals.

So stop doing it.

Stop setting New Year’s Resolutions that hinder your ability to achieve.

Instead, set one committed intention.

Committed intentions are impactful, planned, actionable, measurable, and within your control.

  • Name your committed intention (CI) and know why it is important to you.
  • What are you going to do monthly, weekly, daily, to make your CI happen?
  • What are you willing to sacrifice to implement your plan? There is always a cost, know what it is and be willing to pay it.
  • When are you going to implement? Tie your CI to something you are already doing.
  • Schedule it where you keep all your important appointments; make one with yourself to get it done.
  • How will you hold yourself accountable? Know you are on track? Put key reminders where you can see them.
  • What obstacles could interfere? What will you do to keep going and “get back on the horse?”
  • Write it all down. Sign and Date it.
  • Check off each day’s achievement. Celebrate your wins.
Edris Tucker, Financial Coaching Program Manager

Turn the “evidence” to your favor, that you CAN do, for yourself, what you made a commitment to do.

Take back your integrity.

I would bet that you will make significant, measurable progress, even surpass your committed intention.

Bet on yourself. Schedule a Financial Wellness Assessment today.