Homebuyer Stories | Shanna Bryant

Family has always been important to Shanna Bryant. She loves to be with her mother and father, brothers, sisters, nieces, and nephews – the whole crew. She comes from “a long line of work horses that take pride in our homes and families.” Earlier this year Shanna decided it was time to not just take pride in her own family, but also her own home.  

As Shannah began to look for a home, she viewed it as a place her family could gather together to make more memories. She hoped to be a homeowner in time for the holiday season, but as Shanna learned more about the various expenses in the homebuying process she began to question if she would ever be able to purchase a home. Nevertheless, she persisted in the process and continued looking at houses. She learned of CommunityWorks through Palmetto State Mortgage.  

With help from CommunityWorks, Shanna was able to receive Down Payment Assistance. The Down Payment Assistance program offers eligible individuals a forgivable five-year loan up to $4,000 that goes toward down payment and/or closing costs.  

Shanna said that “owning a home is the greatest achievement I’ve conquered so far in life.” Shanna feared that she would be stuck renting her whole life, but through hard work and perseverance she was able to move into her home 4 weeks before Thanksgiving.  Shanna looks forward to spending special time with her family in her first home as they celebrate together.  

Want to know if you are eligible for our Down Payment Assistance Program? Click HERE for more information.