CommunityWorks Among 384 Organizations to Receive MacKenzie Scott’s $4.2B Donation

CommunityWorks Among 384 Organizations to Receive MacKenzie Scott’s $4.2B Donation

Philanthropist and writer MacKenzie Scott recently donated $4.2B to organizations across the United States that serve under-resourced groups. CommunityWorks is proud to announce that out of the 6,490 organizations that were considered, we were selected as one of the 384 that received a generous financial gift to support our operations and programming to further help under-served and under-resourced communities.

To identify the group of 384, Mackenzie hired professional consultants who took a data-driven approach to identify organizations. They looked for strong leadership teams and strong results – particularly focusing on issues such as food insecurity, racial inequality, poverty, and low access to philanthropic capital. The team then carefully interviewed each organization, eventually resulting in a list they believe will have a high potential for positive impact.

CommunityWorks is humbled to be listed among organizations working to support people suffering from the economic effects of the COVID-19 crisis. In 2020, CommunityWorks has served 338 small businesses with critical coaching and access to capital, with more than 60% of them being minority or women-led. (By comparison, CommunityWorks served 109 businesses in 2019.) This generous gift will allow us to further amplify and expand our reach to businesses, communities, and individuals facing economic hardship.

CEO of CommunityWorks, Tammie Hoy Hawkins shared, “We stand committed to racial equity and economic opportunities for all in South Carolina, and this gift speaks volumes to the strong foundation built over many years and the impact we have made on communities and families. We are so thankful for our long-time funders and partners who stood by us and continue to support us. We are honored to join so many amazing organizations across the country to receive this outstanding recognition of our service.”

As Scott quoted in her announcement, “Good begets good. I have always believed this, but I have been sorely tested over the past few years.” In an unprecedented year, her act of generosity is the type of encouragement that inspires us to continue serving the community we hold dear.