A Place for the Family to Come Together

A Place for the Family to Come Together

The American dream of home ownership can be achieved if you work hard, stay focused and set goals says Greenville area resident Yarsma Young. Last year she and her children were living in a rental apartment and she was not entirely sure when her dreams would come true. After all, she is a single working mom of two children and has an elderly mother to consider in all her life decisions. Buying a house would be a big, difficult step with financing and a down payment. But she had a wish list which included a lovely house with a big back yard for her children in a safe neighborhood, one which would include a comfortable place for her mother. And Yarsma wanted a spacious kitchen where she could cook and draw her family and friends together.

She worked on repairing her credit and began to look around for assistance, but she was not even sure any was available. She turned to the internet and began to do research on entities which may be able to assist her. It was then she found CommunityWorks and after reading what the Greenville non-profit had to offer, she knew she had to make an appointment. She prayed CW would be able to help her achieve home ownership and she was right.

“I found the staff at CommunityWorks to be so understanding and helpful. They did not judge,” Yarsma said. “They helped with the down payment which made this all possible.”

She also attended classes on finances and home ownership recommended by CommunityWorks and implemented by the non-profit’s community partners. Yarsma said she not only learned about buying a house, but how to manage finances and how to keep your house after the purchase.

Now that she is settling in she plans to go to the CommunityWorks Federal Credit Union to start a savings account for her children and for emergencies.

The Youngs have only been in their new house a few weeks but it is home to them already. Yarsma is having fun decorating and her children are beaming with joy. And, she got that big kitchen she had been dreaming about.

She gives accolades to the staff at CommunityWorks for joining in her dream and making it come true.