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Investments with CommunityWorks can sometimes be the most impactful contribution individuals, businesses, or institutions can make. These investments are used to provide loans to our clients, helping them start a business, improve their credit, or escape cycles of debt. Ultimately they allow us to provide much needed capital to benefit underserved families and communities while yielding a return with interest. All contributions are tax-deductible and eligible for a SC Tax Credit of 33%*.

Contact Jennifer Derryberry or LaTorrie Geer to learn more about investing in your community.


Volunteers are critical to our success, and working with us provides you with many great opportunities to interact with clients and see the result of your contribution to their lives. You can serve as a board committee member, board member, volunteer staff, or even a financial coach — training included!

If you want to volunteer, submit the form and we will be in contact shortly:

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